Donald Trump’s Inauguration as the 45th President of United of States of America  will be on January 20,2017 Friday and it will take place in Washington D.C.

It will also be the Inauguration of Mike Pence as the 48th Vice President of America.

There will be several inauguration related events such as concert, but rumors broke that Inauguration’s organizer  is having a problem securing a top celebrity to perform at his inauguration. There are even a lot of planned protests, including the “We the People” concert organize by  a concert promoter Mark Ross.

It is rumored that big celebrities like Justine Timberlake , Beyonce,JayZ, Madonna and Lady Gaga will be performing in the said concert .

But Boris Epshteyn, Donal Trump’s senior adviser during the 2016 campaign for President said “It’s not about the celebrities”.

Trump also tweeted on his official twitter account that He want the people.

So it is going to be interesting what will happen this January 20! How about you? are you supporting  or boycotting Trump’s Inauguration?

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  1. I am a LATINA celebrating JAN THE 20th with all the people
    That VOTED for our New President DONALD J
    TRUMP. He will really help America since Obama
    Has Destroyed it. I came the Legal way 44 yrs ago. I have never seen so much HATE. Until Obama came to our White House.
    Obama will be THE WORSE PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY. All the Hollywood Celebrities need to stick with their Drugs and stupid Corruption ways. Let’s make America Great Again. You all Americans should want that. Quit listening to the CRIMINAL Hillary and the Radical Communists Obama. We do not what Obama near our White House at all. Can wait for him and his Fake Family to go ADIOS CHAO.
    Latinos con Trump por qué Amamos a Estados Unidos.

    • you are disgusting chepita AND misinformed. Sounds like all you can do is regurgitate statements uttered by trump. Think for yourself and open your eyes.

  2. Hollywood’s so-called “Elite” celebrities can have their own concert, I wouldn’t pay a dime to see any of them. The Innauguration is about moving forward for the good of the country and I don’t see any of you contributing to that cause. I would much prefer to see our Armed Forces musicians perform, there is so much talent in these groups that the average American never gets to see. I just watched one of the groups do the Jersey Boys and they were fantastic. This is entertainment from a group that’s not all about “ME” and how much money can I make. Donald, call on our military for your entertainment!

  3. I’m supporting President Elect Trump’s inauguration! It’s about we the people and our President Mr. TRUMP! DON’T NEED LOSER CELEBRITIES!

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