Donald Trump Shocks These SIX ‘Fake News’ Outlets By Pulling Their White House Press Passes

When Donald Trump is sworn in, the White House Press Room, which is a large rectangular room in the West Wing, will become the White House Billiard Hall. After today’s disaster of a press conference, it became obvious to President-Elect Trump that he will have a much different relationship with the press. He told Fox News:

We will sit down with news outlets individually, find out what they already know and fill them in with the information we feel they deserve according to how they’ve treated this administration. Some will get the whole story, like the tried and true Fox News and Breitbart and some will get next to nothing, like the horrible Politico and NPR.

When asked where CNN, which he refused questions from at the press conference because he considers them “fake news,” Trump said:

They’re gone. No more. Their press credentials won’t be re-issued. CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Univision and The New York Times will have to read about what happens in the White House.

Asked whether or not he was concerned that denying media outlets access to publicly elected officials was a violation of the 1st Amendment, Trump said that he’s not worried about it:

With my new addition to the Supreme Court I AM the Constitution. The country elected me to lead, not be held back by ancient laws we can just change. We want jobs, a wall and to rip up the Iran deal. Period.

It should be fun to watch the liberals cry as Trump rips healthcare and public safety nets out from under the poor and forces them to work after abolishing the minimum wage. How high and mighty will all the lazy takers feel when they’re forced to work for $3 an hour and have to live in the dumpster behind the McDonalds they scrub?

This is change we can believe in, conservatives! Change for the better!! GOD BLESS YOU, DONALD TRUMP!!!







  1. love this man to hell with all the cry baby liberals if you don’t like this change move to China or Russia or Cuba this is how you want to live.well we don’t so f…off

    • John, you’re about to live like a Chinese or Russian whether you like it or not with the God-King Trump ascending to his throne.

  2. I don’t normally like trump, and his support of fox is nausiating, but LOL! he definitely put manners on CNN 😀 and media getting manners put on them is EXACTLY what should happen every day all day forever or as long as media lie, as long as bias is allowed, you deserve trump all day long 😀

    and you can read wikileaks, you can read what you called fake news all day long, but you are finished, and freedom of speach has nothing to do with media demands to be let in everywhere for free

    you are story tellers of the truth

    if not, then you are absolutely nothing at all to anyone

    the media serve the public curiosity, but you have failed, you are corrupted, you must be ended and punished, you are finished

  3. It’s about time that the news media is held accountable for what is posted or printed or communicated in any way! News used to ne Fact or truth! The democrats have made truth whatever their opinion is, which is not news. This wonderful theory they have has rolled over to the press (liberal media) so it is time to put an end to it. News = facts: not opinion!

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