Michelle Obama Breaks Down In Tears After Melania Trump Destroys Her ‘Legacy’

A spokesperson for Melania Trump let the cat out of the bag early Wednesday morning that the future First Lady has decided what her main initiative will be when her husband takes office and Michelle Obama is not going to like it. Speaking under condition of anonymity, the spokesman revealed to CBS News that Mrs. Trump will be restoring the federal school lunch program to something children will actually eat.

“One of the things Melania Trump is most troubled by is that children are being served inadequate and unappetizing meals in school in the name of nutrition,” said the aide, “When she learned that the First Lady can help mold school menus into something they look forward to rather than something they despise, she was thrilled.”

According to the spokesman, Mrs. Trump isn’t planning on putting fryolators back in school cafeterias or serving Twinkies and cupcakes for lunch, but she does believe that a diet with steady carbs and enticing fruits and vegetables would be more appealing to schoolchildren who have been living for the past eight years with lunches like these:




Melania decided to take on the initiative after learning that children who couldn’t stomach the lunches were going hungry and couldn’t even muster enough energy to do anything but sit down during recess. “She believes in children, food and recess. What can I say, she’s a great mom,” her spokesman said, “while her husband fixes Barack Obama’s mess, she’ll make sure history forgets Michelle Obama.”

That sounds great. Now how about a refund for all the vacations?

Michelle Obama is so distraught over Melania’s move to bring flavor and satisfaction back to school lunches that she cancelled her schedule for the day, presumably to stay in and sulk.










  1. My grandson is 14 an says lunches duck an they barely when half way good font fill you up. He says eats lunch once or twice a week…this has made me aware that he hasn’t been eating lunch…not good. Thank you Mrs Trump for making probably many parents know this important fact….

    • This is NOT me! I never commented on this site, please take down immediately! Thank you and for the record, I don’t agree with The Trump administration at all! Someone is trying to make me look bad! Please remove!

  2. Good !!! My 14 year old GS comes home starving every day.Yesterday they had a mini chicken patty sandwich and 5 french fries on their plate. Ridiculous!! And no he is not obese…he is a skinny boy!

  3. It’s about time someone takes the time to investigate real conditions, real food, real health in children on a daily schedule,
    Perhaps once our children get to college age they will be able to ficus on real issues such as history and awarness what’s around them instead of crying after an election!
    Being given playdough and cupcakes to appease them!!

  4. That is so pathetic …I don’t call that lunch …I wouldn’t eat that stuff either. The children will be so happy when Melania is first Lady and changes those awful lunches.

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