Breaking: Crew Of Air Force One Refuses To Fly Obama 6000 Miles ‘Just To Play Golf’

After eight years of flying to Chicago for White Castle burgers, bringing Michelle Obama to LA for the afternoon for a hair appointment and taking the Obama girls to a park they like in San Fransisco to walk the dog on the government dime, the crew of the famed Air Force One has said enough is enough.

Obama was set to leave Hawaii tomorrow, just for the day, to meet with a pal 6000 miles away for a round of golf. The Captain of the President’s plane told him that unless it was official business from the office of the President, he wasn’t obligated to fly him anywhere.

Obama will fly out on the Air Force Osprey they use to transport the family dog, BO, who was forbidden from traveling on the President’s big plane after he peed on the leg of the French foreign minister during one of Michelle Obama’s lavish vacations. The Osprey, which costs less to fly than a 747, is still going to cost the American taxpayer $2 million for the day.

It’s a fairly well-known fact that after about 150 words and a picture that may or may not be related, most conservative readers will stop reading and go comment that the Muslim should be executed for playing golf. Therefore, less than 20% of those who clicked this article will have made it this far.


    • Perhaps you should know that this is a fake story. If anyone bothered to fact check what they read they would already have discovered this. Apparently you missed the story where they say this is a satire site and they’ve been laughing at the people who believe the fake stories they write. They also state that anyone could Google the stories and find out the truth but they know the kind of people who believe stories like this, with no supporting evidence, won’t bother. They will just share it around the internet. They also call anyone who would believe the stories they post “imbeciles” and “idiots” and called their own stories “garbage”. So there you go. You believe garbage because that is what you want to see.

  1. They should have refused that request also (using the Osprey). Two million for one day…????????? !!!!!!!!!!! Outlandish !! Congress should have refused the Christmas vacation this year and saved the taxpayers a ton of money. Why on earth would he have had a ‘play date to golf’ before he got there for his vacation ? They could have stayed in the White House and had a quiet Holiday dinner with their family and started packing. I would love it if Congress would tally up all of the unnecessary travel expenses they all incurred and send them a bill for it all. Wow, that would be awesome !

    • Let’s not forget we have to pay him $450,000.00 a year as “long” as he lives.. Then I assume his wife and kids will be grandfathered in, in case of his death.. He’s deliberately doing this stuff to rub his position into the American peoples faces.. There is no doubt, what-so-ever, in my mind that the radical muslim Obama and the lying, murderous Killary should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for treason, aiding the enemy, selling guns and classified info to the enemy.. And I pray it’s punishable by death.. Swift justice.. Not 50 years from now……..

      • With all the people that replied to just this post, We, the people, could start a movement to hold the government accountable for taxpayers money.. With that piece of legislature along with the peoples right to vote or have a voice as to where our money goes, would sure as hell have a great impact on our own homeless, young or old, black or white, Veterans,, whatever.. I personally don’t want another dime of my tax money going out of this country.. Take care of our own back yard, period.. Americans have been donating to charities outside our nation since the beginning of civilized man.. “”MORE”” than enough money to house and feed every other 3rd world country in the world.. Has anybody ever seen any sign of our monies helping the people who it was sent for, do any of them live in homes yet.. With all the monies we sent , they should all be living in condo’s.. It’s all a scam, paying off other governments. The people never see our generosity..I’m sick of my money supporting all these welfare bums. Benefits only good for (1), ONE, one year. Any moron can find some kind of legitimate work in a year….How’s that for an idea??? About time we have a little say as to our government’s business and spending…….

      • They may have to be evicted. Pack their things for them and throw them out. I can’t blame Mrs. trump, there is probably a permanent cloud of marijuana floating in the apartment.

    • Are you actually so stupid that you did not read the very last paragraph. If so, do yourself a favor and go back and read it. Just maybe, it might add a +1 to your very low IQ….

    • You actually believe this story? This website has stated that they post “garbage” and that they laugh at the “idiots” who believe what they write without bothering to Google the story to find out the truth. They also state that only an “imbecile” would believe their “ridiculous” stories. I think it is terrible that they print the garbage in the first place since they know people who want to believe will swallow their stories whole without bothering to fact check them. They may be laughing at their readers but they are part of the problem with fake news stories.

  2. I don’t believe that anybody who works in the government would have the balls to say that, and certainly wouldn’t have the balls to mean it. The plane should only be used for government business.

    • It didn’t happen. It is a fake story. Try fact check, you may learn something. Like that the people who post this are laughing at those who believe what they write.

  3. The Muslim should face the courts for treason, and depleting American economy along withpartners in crime, Bushs and Clintons. They need to be sent out of the country and tried for war crimes!

    • Geez… Go back AND READ the whole story, particularly the VERY LAST PARAGRAPH.

      When I first read it, I thought it was exagerating. And here you are making his exact point for him. You are the very essence of whom the author was poking fun of.

    • Please fact check and see that this is a fake story. The people who post this have stated that they laugh at the “idiots” and “imbeciles” who believe the “garbage” that they post. But then, they are posting crap you want to believe in the first place.

  4. They are the lowest form of a human being!!!! They are really taking advantage of what they have and that is just friggin WRONG!!!! This family DID NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE !!!! ALL AMERICANS THAT HAVE ANY SENSE AT ALL CANNOT WAIT FOR HIM TO BE GONE OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE !!!! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸GOD BLESS OUR AMERICA !!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Now go eat some BARB B QUE PORK !!!! 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    • No, they are not the lowest form of human being, and yes, the Obamas deserved to be in the White House because a majority of Americans voted to put them there, unlike Trump who had two million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. If you cannot tell the difference between real news and fake news, kindly keep your comments to yourself.

  5. Congress can change law to protect taxpayers from golfing, pizza, WhiteCastle etc abuse and not use ANY USAF vehicle-Presidents can hire&pay private jet and security fees for personal adventures and NO fundraising

  6. As an American tax payer, retired, and on a fixed income I feel he should NOT be permitted to use any plane at my expense. These vacations should be wholly his personal responsibility and especially if his whole family is going with him.

  7. This is utterly ridiculous and even sinful to spend the American tax dollars for such things as this. It’s no wonder we are 20 Trillion dollars in debt. I can’t believe it’s not more than that. Will be so glad when he’s gone!

  8. Hahaha! Good for that pilot. Obviously, he’s still going to play golf but at least not on AF1. I’m curious though…is the smaller plane there simply to accommodate the dog which is no longer welcome on AF1???

  9. I really not happy about supporting their asses after they’re gone from the WH. AND TO HAVE TO SUPPORT HER MOTHER TOO.! No one supported my mother and the very little was never enough for her to live on. Give our seniors the money instead of them. Make them get real jobs!

  10. I sincerely hope that someone with access to the actual records would publish the exact amounts that have been spent by the American taxpayers for unauthorized use by this President and his family and friends over the past eight years. I would then urge repayment immediately and attachment of his retirement check until paid. Just like any other citizens would have to do.

  11. They need to pay back the American people the $85m they have already spent on vacations. POS and Michael are doing all they can to drain our country. Traitors should be hung in Times Square as an example of what others would face. Terrorist Muslims do not belong in America. Especially in the White House

  12. The story about “Bo” Obamas dog is total bullshit. they are saying that the dog peed on the leg of a guest on their plane is the reason for flying the dog on a different plane——–The truth is a MUSLIM cannot fly on the same plane with a dog!& that’s why BO goes on a different plane. Wake up AMERICA THE OBAMAS ARE THE ENEMY

  13. I can’t stand Mr. Obama but what a load of bull. The Osprey doesn’t have the range to get to Hawaii. It’s short by about 1500 miles. Yes there is such a thing as mid-air refueling, but come on… Another click bait fake news article.

  14. Good to know that not everyone has lost their minds. Obama is under the impression that it is HIS damn money. Surprise, asshole, its the citizen’s money.

  15. None of this nonsense is ever true. There have been rules in place since Reagan was President which dictate the costs the first family has to pay in regards to presidential family travel. As an fyi the previos president (GWB) took 3x as many personal vacation days as has Obama.

  16. Wow.

    I don’t think any of the comments above are intended to be ironic … but if they’re real, they perfectly illustrate the article’s point.

  17. “It’s a fairly well-known fact that after about 150 words and a picture that may or may not be related, most conservative readers will stop reading and go comment that the Muslim should be executed for playing golf. Therefore, less than 20% of those who clicked this article will have made it this far.”

    The last three lines of this very article, mate.

  18. Wow, idiots can’t read a single article. It even insults you at the end for believing FAKE news. Hahaha

    If true, You should be more upset a dog has his own plane. Haha

  19. Don, Cayman, Kathleen, and Mary Lou, you all win the prize. Dumbasses of the article award.

    And none of you will probably ever figure out why this article is actually about YOU! Even after others have pointed it out.

  20. All you idiots who posted negative comments on this need to go back and read the last paragraph. You fucking morons will believe anything, won’t you? The story is FAKE and they even goddamn tell you at the end. LMFAO. No wonder Fox “News” is able to feed you its bullshit without even trying to make you eat it. Gullible fools.

  21. So, obviously, the vast majority of you idiots didn’t bother to read the last paragraph. Congratulations. people world-wide can now see how dumb you’re willing to be in public.

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