FURIOUS Obama Kicks Door After Judge Jeanine Calls Him A Terrorist

Pirro found herself the source of controversy once again when she discussed the attacks on the Western world at the hands of radical Islamists. She cited specifically the Philadelphia police attack and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

 Pirro commented that the Obama administration and Islamic radicals might as well be on the same side, because it is clear our ‘leader’ is not going to do anything to prevent these acts in the future.
Watch her comments below and tell us what you think. Do you agree with Pirro?


    • What a spoiled rotten ass. Can’t handle big boy questions obama? Are they hitting a little to close to home? Grow up put on your big boy pants. You and Hillary started this. Did you think we were going to just sit there and take all th BS you guys dish out. Hell no

    • Real mature and Presidential ! The leader of our country throws a tantrum. How much more can we take ? And , there are actually people wanting Hillary in next. Just read she was mad at Matt Laur and THREW a glass of water in someone’s face ! Wow…

  1. Well if the shoe fits… All we have been hearing and seeing for years is how great Muslims are, how they “created??” Beautiful works, acknowledge their holidays at the white house, how we owe them??, open door …let them all come in, terror attacks on our own soil which he WILL NOT acknowledge or do anything about but excuse. How he released 5 Alqueida terrorist for 1 deserter who all went on to attack & kill innocent people. How he is shortening time of vetting these refugees to speed up putting them in our country, putting us more at risk everyday. You wonder by all his actions… WTH is he doing to our country and it’s safety??

  2. We of the “stiff upper lip” (British) are, as our Queen Victoria once remarked, “are not amused”
    How come your First Black President (not forgeting his wife) both who should be setting an example of how great, good and honourable the blacks CAN be has along with the first Lady, turned into a door kicking spoilt child. A man and wife who seem hell bent on destroying your country.
    A man who claims he has even now during his term of office beeen subject to discrimination. Please don’t make me laugh.
    Is there NO way you folks can get him to vacate the White House, like right now, as tomorrow you’ll appreciate is going to be too late for you.
    Your country needs to rid its self of this arrogant man.
    If this post has “trod on a few toes” then I napologize, but I speak as I see………:D

  3. Get him out of the job and his other half also H Clinton as she is untrustworthy as they will try to ruin your country you can’t trust them at all they should be sent to Hell in a hand cart

  4. Reminds me of the old comic book ad with the 98lb weakling who kicks the chair befoire sending off for that body building kit. 🙂

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